Employment and job vacancies

Job vacancies from the ONTU graduate employment assistance center

TOV "GORMOLZAVOD" – For many years now, the plant has been combining modern technologies with the traditional formula of dairy production.

Web-site: https://gormolzavod-odessa.com.ua/uk/

TOV "MUKKO" – a dairy farm with a milk processing plant.

Web-site: https://mykko.com.ua/

Danone is a leading international food production company, presented in 130 countries of the world. The company's mission is to bring health through healthy food products to as many people as possible in the world.

Danone's three business lines are dairy products and plant-based products, water, specialized food — united by a single principle of operation: to offer innovative products of high quality, which meet the expectations of consumers at every stage of their lives.

Web-site: https://danone.ua/?no_cache=1#danone

"European Cheese Factory" – mini enterprise for the production of cheeses.

Web-site: https://eurosir.com.ua/

"TERRA FOOD" company – one of the most modern in Eastern Europe and the first plant in Ukraine (Belotserkiv dairy plant) from the production of whole milk products, which meets the norms of the International Dairy Federation and the directives of the European Union.

Web-site: https://terrafood.ua/

TDV "ZOLOTONISK OIL PRODUCTION PLANT" – enterprise for the production of dry milk mixtures and butter

Web-site: https://milkalliance.com.ua/

PJSC "Ternopil milk factory" – producer of dairy products.

Web-site: molokija.com

Company Lactalis Ukraine is a division of the Lactalis international group, a world leader in the production of cheese and dairy products.

Web-site: lactalis.com.ua

TOV "AVA" Odesa Kernel Oil Plant – is a producer of vegetable oils.

Web-site: https://avaoil.com.ua/

"DELTA VILMAR UKRAINE" LLCdthe structure of the company includes two plants one of processing tropical oils, the other - from the processing of oil crops, as well as a complex for transshipment of vegetable oils in the port of Yuzhny.

Web-site: https://www.deltawilmar.com/

Belotserkiv agro-industrial group

Belotserkiv agro-industrial group is a manufacturing company, which include: PE "Bilotserkivska agro-industrial group" and LLC "Bilagro". The company ensures the development of a modern complex for the production of high-quality products, ecologically clean, natural food products, works in a closed production cycle and controls all stages of production - from the field to the consumer's table, is located in the center of Poltava Oblast.

E-mail: info@biagr.com.ua
Web-site: www.biagr.com.ua


Lubashiv meat and dairy complex

On Lyubashivskyi meat and dairy complex of Odesa meat processing plant are needed graduates university.
Email: cheban_igor@ukr.net


WATT “Dnipropetrovsk Food Company “Weiss”

JSC company “Dnipropetrovsk food company “Weiss” accepts on work graduates technologists and mechanics food production.

E-mail: waiz@waiz.com.ua


"Kernel" company

Company «Kernel» leader APK of Ukraine invites students-graduates ONTU without досвіду роботи до працевлаштування.

Web-site: www.kernel.ua