Welcome speech of the head of the department

Dear guests, I am pleased to welcome you to the page of the Department of Milk Technology website, oil and fat products and the beauty industry - department, which began its development more 65 years later and today it has grown into a powerful graduation department, which represents the most relevant and promising ones specialty.

At any time, every applicant asks himself several questions:

1. Where to get quality higher education?

2. Where to go to work later, to receive a high salary and enjoy going to work every day?

I definitely recommend Odesa National University of Technology and the Department of Milk Technology, oil and fat products and the beauty industry.

Because he went through the journey himself from the student to the head of the department.

On 100% i can say, that everyone chooses his own path and only through hard work, with perseverance and faith in your own strength, you must achieve the desired result.

With best and sincere wishes, head of the department, candidate. technical. of science, доцент Дмитро Михайлович Скрипніченко